10 CFR § 1704.6
Procedures for public announcement of meetings
June 9, 2020

(a) For each meeting, the Board shall make public announcement, at least one week before the meeting, of the:

(1) Time of the meeting;

(2) Place of the meeting;

(3) Subject matter of the meeting;

(4) Whether the meeting is to be open or closed; and

(5) The name and business telephone number of the official designated by the Board to respond to requests for information about the meeting.

(b) The one week advance notice required by paragraph (a) of this section may be reduced only if:

(1) A majority of all Members determines by recorded vote that Board business requires that such meeting be scheduled in less than seven days; and

(2) The public announcement required by paragraph (a) of this section is made at the earliest practicable time.

(c) Immediately following each public announcement required by this section, or by §1704.7, the Board shall submit a notice of public announcement for publication in the Federal Register.

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