(a) Whenever, on the basis of any information available, OFE determines that a person is in violation or about to be in violation of any provision of these regulations, OFE may issue a notice of violation stating, in writing and with reasonable specificity, the nature of the violation. An enforcement proceeding commences with the issuance of a notice of violation.

(b) Contents of the notice of violation. OFE will set forth in the notice of violation the nature of the violation, the relevant facts that OFE believes establish the violation and the legal basis for the conclusions reached therein. OFE may also include with the notice of violation a copy of a proposed order. The notice of violation will also state whether or not OFE proposes to assess civil penalties.

(1) If OFE proposes to assess a civil penalty, a notice of violation will be issued to the violator with an opportunity for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, as set forth in §501.166(a)(1) of this part, before any final determination on the violation and penalty are made by OFE. The recipient of the notice will also be informed of his right to elect to have the procedures of §501.166(a)(2) apply, in lieu of the hearing, with respect to a final determination on the assessment of any civil penalty.

(2) If OFE does not propose to assess a civil penalty, the violator will be provided the opportunity for a conference, as set forth in §501.166(b), before a final determination on the violation is made by OFE. OFE may, in its discretion, also provide the violator an opportunity for a hearing pursuant to §501.166(a)(1).

(c) Service. OFE will serve the notice of violation in accordance with provisions set forth in §501.6.

(d) Rescission. If, after issuance of a notice of violation and any related investigation, OFE finds no basis for the belief that a violation has occurred, is continuing to occur, or is about to occur, OFE may rescind the notice of violation by giving written notice to that effect to the recipient.

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