12 USC § 344
Discount or purchase of bills to finance agricultural shipments
October 30, 2020

Upon the indorsement of any of its member banks, which shall be deemed a waiver of demand, notice, and protest by such bank as to its own indorsement exclusively, and subject to regulations and limitations to be prescribed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, any Federal reserve bank may discount or purchase bills of exchange payable at sight or on demand which grow out of the domestic shipment or the exportation of nonperishable, readily marketable agricultural and other staples and are secured by bills of lading or other shipping documents conveying or securing title to such staples: Provided, That all such bills of exchange shall be forwarded promptly for collection, and demand for payment shall be made with reasonable promptness after the arrival of such staples at their destination: Provided further, That no such bill shall in any event be held by or for the account of a Federal reserve bank for a period in excess of ninety days. In discounting such bills Federal reserve banks may compute the interest to be deducted on the basis of the estimated life of each bill and adjust the discount after payment of such bills to conform to the actual life thereof.


Section is comprised of the fourth par. of section 13 of act Dec. 23, 1913, as amended. The act of Mar. 4, 1923, split the second par. of section 13, as amended in 1916 (39 Stat. 752), into two pars., the first of which constitutes the first par. of section 343 of this title and the second as this section, making it the third par. of section 13. However, the third par. became the fourth par. when act July 21, 1932, added a new par. to follow the second par. For further details, see Codification note set out under section 343 of this title. For classification to this title of other pars. of section 13, see Codification note set out under section 342 of this title.


1928—Act May 29, 1928, amended part of first sentence preceding proviso.

Change of Name

Section 203(a) of act Aug. 23, 1935, changed name of Federal Reserve Board to Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

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