14 CFR Appendix A to Part 1264
Notice To Consent to the Chairperson, NASA Board of Contract Appeals (BCA), or Designee, as Presiding Officer
July 13, 2020

In accordance with the provisions of 14 CFR 1264.106, you are hereby notified that the Chairperson, NASA Board of Contract Appeals (BCA), or designee, in addition to other duties, upon your consent, may conduct any or all proceedings as the presiding officer, pursuant to 14 CFR part 1264 which implements the Program Fraud Civil Penalties Act of 1986.

You should be aware that your decision to consent, or not to consent, to the referral of this case to the NASA/BCA must be entirely voluntary. Only if you and the authority head consent to this reference will either the Chairperson or the designee to whom the case may be assigned be informed of your decision.

An appeal from a decision by the presiding officer under this consent procedure may be taken in the same manner as an appeal from a decision by any other presiding officer, as provided in 14 CFR 1264.136(d), 1264.137, 1264.138, and 1264.141.

If you consent, you must sign, date, and return this form within the 30-day period provided for your answer (see 14 CFR 1264.108, 1264.109).


(Signature of person alleged to be liable)


(Print name)


(Date of signature)

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