Each carrier shall cause to be displayed continuously in a conspicuous public place at each station, office, or location at which tariffs are required to be posted, a notice printed in large type reading as follows:

Public Inspection of Tariffs

All the currently effective passenger tariffs to which this company is a party and all passenger tariff publications which have been issued but are not yet effective are on file in this office, so far as they apply to traffic from or to. (Here name the point.) These tariffs may be inspected by any person upon request and without the assignment of any reason for such inspection. The employees of this company on duty in this office will lend assistance in securing information from the tariffs.

In addition, a complete file of all tariffs of this company, with indexes thereof, is maintained and kept available for public inspection at. (Here indicate the place or places where complete tariff files are maintained, including the street address, and where appropriate, the room number.)

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