(a) Statutory notice required. Unless otherwise authorized by the Department or specified in a bilateral agreement between the United States and a foreign country, all tariff filings shall be made on the following schedule, whether or not they effect any changes:

(1) At least 30 days before they are to become effective, for tariffs stating a passenger fare within the zone created by section 41509(e) of 49 U.S.C. Subtitle VII or stating a rule that affects only such a fare;

(2) At least 25 days before they are to become effective, for matching tariffs that are to become effective on the same date as the tariff to be matched and that meet competition as described in §221.94(c)(1)(v); and

(3) At least 60 days before they are to become effective, for all other tariffs.

(b) Computing number of days' notice. A tariff publication shall be deemed to be filed only upon its actual receipt by the Department, and the first day of any required period of notice shall be the day of actual receipt by the Department.

(c) Issued date. All tariff publications must be received by the Department on or before the designated issued date.

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