15 USC § 717a
through Pub. L. 116-344, except Pub. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283

When used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires—

(1) "Person" includes an individual or a corporation.

(2) "Corporation" includes any corporation, joint-stock company, partnership, association, business trust, organized group of persons, whether incorporated or not, receiver or receivers, trustee or trustees of any of the foregoing, but shall not include municipalities as hereinafter defined.

(3) "Municipality" means a city, county, or other political subdivision or agency of a State.

(4) "State" means a State admitted to the Union, the District of Columbia, and any organized Territory of the United States.

(5) "Natural gas" means either natural gas unmixed, or any mixture of natural and artificial gas.

(6) "Natural-gas company" means a person engaged in the transportation of natural gas in interstate commerce, or the sale in interstate commerce of such gas for resale.

(7) "Interstate commerce" means commerce between any point in a State and any point outside thereof, or between points within the same State but through any place outside thereof, but only insofar as such commerce takes place within the United States.

(8) "State commission" means the regulatory body of the State or municipality having jurisdiction to regulate rates and charges for the sale of natural gas to consumers within the State or municipality.

(9) "Commission" and "Commissioner" means the Federal Power Commission, and a member thereof, respectively.

(10) "Vehicular natural gas" means natural gas that is ultimately used as a fuel in a self-propelled vehicle.

(11) "LNG terminal" includes all natural gas facilities located onshore or in State waters that are used to receive, unload, load, store, transport, gasify, liquefy, or process natural gas that is imported to the United States from a foreign country, exported to a foreign country from the United States, or transported in interstate commerce by waterborne vessel, but does not include—

(A) waterborne vessels used to deliver natural gas to or from any such facility; or

(B) any pipeline or storage facility subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission under section 717f of this title.


2005—Par. (11). Pub. L. 109–58 added par. (11).

1992—Par. (10). Pub. L. 102–486 added par. (10).

Termination of Federal Power Commission; Transfer of Functions

Federal Power Commission terminated and functions, personnel, property, funds, etc., transferred to Secretary of Energy (except for certain functions transferred to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) by sections 7151(b), 7171(a), 7172(a)(1), 7291, and 7293 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare.

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