16 USC § 43
Sequoia National Park; rules and regulations; leases; fish and game; trespassers
through Pub. L. 116-344, except Pub. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283

Sequoia National Park shall be under the exclusive control of the Secretary of the Interior, whose duty it shall be, as soon as practicable, to make and publish such rules and regulations as he may deem necessary or proper for the care and management of the same. Such regulations shall provide for the preservation from injury of all timber, mineral deposits, natural curiosities or wonders within said park, and their retention in their natural condition. The Secretary may, in his discretion, grant leases for building purposes for terms not exceeding ten years of small parcels of ground not exceeding five acres, at such places in said park as shall require the erection of buildings for the accommodation of visitors; all of the proceeds of said leases and other revenues that may be derived from any source connected with said park to be expended under his direction in the management of the same and the construction of roads and paths therein. He shall provide against the wanton destruction of the fish and game found within said park, and against their capture or destruction, for the purposes of merchandise or profit. He shall also cause all persons trespassing upon the same after the passage of this section and section 41 of this title to be removed therefrom, and, generally, shall be authorized to take all such measures as shall be necessary or proper to fully carry out the objects and purposes of this section and section 41 of this title.

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