(a) In all permits issued, the Federal land manager shall specify:

(1) The nature and extent of work allowed and required under the permit, including the time, duration, scope, location, and purpose of the work;

(2) The name of the individual(s) responsible for conducting the work and, if different, the name of the individual(s) responsible for carrying out the terms and conditions of the permit;

(3) The name of any university, museum, or other scientific or educational insitutions in which any collected materials and data shall be deposited; and

(4) Reporting requirements.

(b) The Federal land manager may specify such terms and conditions as deemed necessary, consistent with this part, to protect public safety and other values and/or resources, to secure work areas, to safeguard other legitimate land uses, and to limit activities incidental to work authorized under a permit.

(c) The Federal land manager shall include in permits issued for archaeological work on Indian lands such terms and conditions as may be requested by the Indian landowner and the Indian tribe having jurisdiction over the lands, and for archaeological work on public lands shall include such terms and conditions as may have been developed pursuant to §1312.7.

(d) Initiation of work or other activities under the authority of a permit signifies the permittee's acceptance of the terms and conditions of the permit.

(e) The permittee shall not be released from requirements of a permit until all outstanding obligations have been satisfied, whether or not the term of the permit has expired.

(f) The permittee may request that the Federal land manager extend or modify a permit.

(g) The permittee's performance under any permit issued for a period greater than 1 year shall be subject to review by the Federal land manager, at least annually.

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