(a) The NEPA compliance staff, in consultation with the initiating TVA entity and other interested offices, may request public involvement in the preparation of an EA or a revision to or a supplement thereof. The type of and format for public involvement shall be selected as appropriate to best facilitate timely and meaningful public input to the EA process. In deciding the extent of public involvement, TVA will consider whether the public has already been provided a meaningful opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of a proposal through other coordinated, regulatory processes.

(b) TVA will also identify and involve Indian tribes and interested stakeholders including local, State and other Federal agencies.

(c) A draft EA prepared for an action listed in §1318.400(a), for which TVA would normally prepare an EIS, shall be circulated for public review and comment.

(d) TVA will make draft (if applicable) and final EAs and FONSIs available on TVA's public website and by other means upon request to TVA.

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