The following definitions apply throughout this part. All other applicable terms should be given the same meaning as set forth in CEQ's currently effective regulations (40 CFR part 1508) unless such a reading would make the terms inconsistent with the context in which they appear.

Controversial refers to scientifically supported commentary that casts substantial doubt on the agency's methodology or data, but does not mean commentary expressing mere opposition.

Floodplain refers to the lowland and relatively flat areas adjoining flowing inland waters and reservoirs. Floodplain generally refers to the base floodplain, i.e., that area subject to a 1 percent or greater chance of flooding in any given year.

Important farmland includes prime farmland, unique farmland, and farmland of statewide importance as defined in 7 CFR part 657.

Natural and beneficial floodplain and wetland values refer to such attributes as the capability of floodplains and wetlands to provide natural moderation of floodwaters, water quality maintenance, fish and wildlife habitat, plant habitat, open space, natural beauty, scientific and educational study areas, and recreation.

Official responsible for NEPA compliance refers to the TVA official who manages the NEPA compliance staff and is responsible for overall review of TVA NEPA compliance.

Practicable, as used in subpart G of this part, refers to the capability of an action being performed within existing constraints. The test of what is practicable depends on the situation and includes an evaluation of all pertinent factors, such as environmental impact, economic costs, statutory authority, legality, technological achievability, and engineering constraints.

Wetland refers to an area inundated by surface or ground water with a frequency sufficient to support, and that under normal circumstances does or would support, a prevalence of vegetation or aquatic life that requires saturated or seasonally saturated soil conditions for growth and reproduction. Wetlands do not include temporary human-made ponds associated with active construction projects.

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