(a) When a private applicant, individual, or other non-Federal entity (“private entity”) proposes to undertake an action that will require TVA's approval or involvement, the contacted TVA entity will notify the NEPA compliance staff. That staff must determine, in consultation with TVA legal counsel, whether NEPA is triggered and the scope of the review of TVA's proposed action.

(b) TVA compliance staff will provide the private entity information on its responsibilities for assisting TVA in conducting the necessary NEPA review. At TVA's discretion, this can include providing TVA detailed information about the scope and nature of the proposed action, environmental analyses and studies, and copies of associated environmental permit applications submitted to other Federal, State, or local agencies.

(c) In identifying reasonable alternatives, TVA should consider the applicant's purpose and need, in addition to TVA's purpose and need.

(d) A private entity may be allowed to prepare draft and final EAs for TVA's review and approval, but TVA remains responsible for the adequacy of the documents and the conduct of associated EA process.

(e) A private entity normally will be required to reimburse TVA for its costs in reviewing the private entity's proposed action.

(f) Participation of a private entity in a TVA NEPA review, including reimbursement of TVA's costs, does not commit TVA to favorable action on a request.

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