(a) Once a determination of no practicable alternative is made in accordance with §1318.602, the initiating office must notify the public of a proposed action's potential impact on floodplains or wetlands if the proposed action is subject to executive order and not already covered by class review. Public notice of actions affecting floodplains or wetlands may be combined with any notice published by TVA or another Federal agency if such a notice generally meets the minimum requirements set forth in this section. Issuance of a draft or final EA or EIS for public review and comment will satisfy this notice requirement.

(b) Public notices must at a minimum:

(1) Briefly describe the proposed action and the potential impact on the floodplain or wetland;

(2) Briefly identify alternative actions considered and explain why a determination of no practicable alternative has been proposed;

(3) Briefly discuss measures that would be taken to minimize or mitigate floodplain or wetland impacts;

(4) State when appropriate whether the action conforms to applicable Federal, State or local floodplain protection standards;

(5) Specify a reasonable period of time within which the public can comment on the proposal; and

(6) Identify the TVA official who can provide additional information on the proposed action and to whom comments should be sent.

(c) Such notices must be issued in a manner designed to bring the proposed action to the attention of those members of the public likely to be interested in or affected by the action's potential impact on the floodplain or wetland.

(d) TVA must consider all relevant and timely comments received in response to a notice and reevaluate the action as appropriate to take such comments into consideration before the proposed action is implemented.

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