(a) General rule. Any person who believes that any provision of a final or interim regulation issued under the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 is unlawful as applied to such person may file an application for stay.

(b) Content of application. The application shall state, clearly and concisely:

(1) The provision of the regulation, by section, paragraph, subparagraph and clause, as appropriate, which applicant seeks to have stayed;

(2) The conditions which the applicant believes require the stay, including the irreparable injury which the applicant believes will result if the stay is not granted; and

(3) The factual and legal basis for applicant's contention that the final or interim regulation is unlawful.

(c) Filing requirements. The application shall be under oath. An original and three conformed copies shall be filed with the Secretary of the Commission.

(d) Commission action. The Commission may grant the application, in whole or in part, by issuing an order specifying the scope of the stay granted and the effective dates of the stay.

[43 FR 57599, Dec. 8, 1978, as amended at 44 FR 13473, Mar. 12, 1979]

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