(a) Significant uses are presently being made of the waters of the basin for the generation of electric power at hydro, pumped storage, and thermoelectric generating stations. Increased demands for electric power throughout the East Coast can be expected to result in proposals for the development of additional electric power generating stations located either in the basin or nearby its borders.

(b) There appears to be limited site potential in the basin for additional hydroelectric generation, and considerable potential for additional pumped storage and thermoelectric generation. The direct and indirect effects of existing and proposed electric generation projects will be considered by the Commission. Items of concern will include consumptive uses of water, alteration of natural stream regimen, effects on water quality, and on the other uses of the streams affected.

(c) The Commission, in cooperation with appropriate agencies of the signatory parties, and with other public and private agencies shall:

(1) Conduct a thorough review of applications to relicense existing electric power generating projects and facilities, and applications to amend existing licenses to determine if the proposal is in accord with the comprehensive plan.

(2) Require that the proposed siting and location in the basin of any type of electric generating facility or any facility located outside the basin having an effect on the waters of the basin, shall be planned in direct consultation with the Commission to enable advance consideration of the possible effects of such installation on the water resources of the basin.

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