18 CFR § 801.2
Coordination, cooperation, and intergovernmental relations
April 15, 2021

(a) The interstate nature of the Susquehanna River Basin and the broad regional authority of the Commission require clear and effective working relationships with the States, Federal Government, and local and private sectors in all matters relating to the water resources of the basin.

(1) The Federal Government will be encouraged and asked to participate in water resources projects and programs having national or broad regional significance. The Commission will act to encourage local initiative to solve water resources problems within a local and regional context, but when faced with obviously needed action that is not forthcoming from other sources will act, in accordance with the Compact, on its own.

(2) The Compact provides authority for the Commission to serve in a regulatory capacity and also to act as a managing and operating agency. The Commission will exercise its regulatory authority mainly in interstate matters or where signatory authority is not being effectively exercised or where the signatory has little or no authority to act. Similarly, the Commission may manage and operate various facilities if it is determined that this is an area in which an important and necessary service can be rendered.

(3) Should it become necessary for the Commission to undertake development, management and operation of projects, arrangements for repayment of all project costs and eventual operation and maintenance costs will be appropriately prorated among the signatories or otherwise financed in accordance with the Compact.

(4) The Commission will utilize the functions, powers, and duties of the existing offices and agencies of government to the extent consistent with the Compact.

(5) In its actions the Commission will maintain a high level of public visibility. Broad government, public, and private sector commentary on Commission proposals and findings will be invited, and to the extent possible be incorporated and reflected in decisions for finalization of plans, projects, and programs having significant effect on the water resources of the basin. A concerted effort will be made to keep the Commission and its activities readily available to government and public scrutiny, and responsive to their concerns.

(b) The Commission shall exercise its regional jurisdiction in an effort to avoid and minimize conflicts and duplication of effort and shall:

(1) Cooperate with and help coordinate Federal, State, local government, and private sector efforts in all matters relating to the planning, conservation, preservation, use, development, management and control of the water resources of the basin.

(2) Develop administrative agreements, as needed, with appropriate agencies of the signatories and other agencies to facilitate achievement of the Commission's objectives and related responsibilities of other agencies by minimizing duplication of effort and maximizing the contributions the respective agencies are best able to make.

(3) Build upon present water resources planning and related activities of the signatory parties, local government, other public bodies, and the private sector and fully consider their recommendations and suggestions.

(4) Establish advisory committees as needed for specific assignments and seek meaningful liaison with sources of technical and scientific expertise.

(5) Share with interested parties results of investigations, studies, tests, and research undertaken by the Commission in an appropriate manner and form.

(6) Conduct its regular meetings announced in advance and open to the public.

(7) Depend upon existing public and private agencies for the construction, operation, and maintenance of projects except when the project is necessary to further the comprehensive plan and the responsible agency does not act or when the Commission is asked to act by one or more signatories, one or more local governments, or other responsible entities.

(8) Require that the planning of projects affecting the water resources of the basin by Federal, State, local agencies and private organizations be undertaken in coordination with the Commission and in accordance with the Compact.

(9) Require that periodic reports of projects affecting water resources within the basin and listings of discharge permits granted, and similar activities undertaken by offices or agencies of the signatory parties, be submitted to the Commission.

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