(a) The Susquehanna River Basin is rich in water resources. With proper planning and management, and with adequate public and private investment in treatment, storage, and distribution facilities, the high potential of the basin to provide water of suitable quality for a wide array of public and private purposes into the foreseeable future should be possible.

(b) The Commission may regulate the withdrawal of waters of the basin not regulated by the signatory parties for domestic, municipal, industrial, and agricultural uses if regulation is considered essential to further the aims set forth in the comprehensive plan.

(c) The Commission shall study the basin's water supply needs, the potential surface and ground water resources, and the interrelationships to meet these needs through existing and new facilities and projects. Efficient use and management of existing facilities with emphasis on the full utilization of known technology will be explored in meeting water supply needs for domestic, municipal, agricultural, and industrial water supply before new programs or projects are approved.

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