(a) The Commission's staff shall review the application, and if necessary, request the project sponsor to provide any additional information that is deemed pertinent for proper evaluation of the project.

(b) An application deemed administratively incomplete will be returned to the project sponsor, who shall have 30 days to cure the administrative deficiencies. An application deemed technically deficient may be returned to the project sponsor, who shall have a period of time prescribed by Commission staff to cure the technical deficiencies. Failure to cure either administrative or technical deficiencies within the prescribed time may result in termination of the application process and forfeiture of any fees submitted.

(c) The project sponsor has a duty to provide information reasonably necessary for the Commission's review of the application. If the project sponsor fails to respond to the Commission's request for additional information, the Commission may terminate the application process, close the file and so notify the project sponsor. The project sponsor may reapply without prejudice by submitting a new application and fee.

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