(a) General. A project sponsor shall submit an application for modification of a current approval prior to making a change in the design, operational plans, or use as presented in the application upon which the approval was originally issued, and that will affect the terms and conditions of the current approval.

(b) Applications for modification. A project sponsor may apply for a modification of a current approval by submitting an application for modification to the Commission.

(c) Minor modifications. The following are minor modifications:

(1) Correction of typographical errors;

(2) Changes to monitoring or metering conditions;

(3) Addition of sources of water for consumptive use;

(4) Changes to the authorized water uses;

(5) Changes to conditions setting a schedule for developing, implementing, and/or reporting on monitoring, data collection and analyses;

(6) Changes to the design of intakes;

(7) Increases to total system limits that were established based on the projected demand of the project; and

(8) Modifications of extraction well network used for groundwater remediation systems.

(d) Major modifications. Major modifications are changes not considered to be minor modifications. Major modifications may include, but are not limited to:

(1) Increases in the quantity of water withdrawals, consumptive uses or diversions;

(2) Increases to peak day consumptive water use;

(3) Increases to the instantaneous withdrawal rate or changes from a single withdrawal rate to a varied withdrawal rate;

(4) Changes affecting passby flow requirements; and

(5) Changes that have the potential for adverse impacts to water resources or competing water users.

(e) Notice and approval.

(1) Applications for modifications are subject to the notice requirements of §806.15.

(2) The Commission or Executive Director may approve, approve with conditions or deny an application for minor modification, or direct that an application for major modification be made.

(3) The Commission may approve, approve with conditions or deny an application for major modification.

[80 FR 76859, Dec. 11, 2015]

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