(a) A project shall be feasible and not be detrimental to the proper conservation, development, management, or control of the water resources of the basin.

(b) The Commission may modify and approve as modified, or may disapprove, a project if it determines that the project is not in the best interest of the conservation, development, management, or control of the basin's water resources, or is in conflict with the comprehensive plan.

(c) Disapprovals—other governmental jurisdictions.

(1) The Commission may suspend the review of any application under this part if the project is subject to the lawful jurisdiction of any member jurisdiction or any political subdivision thereof, and such member jurisdiction or political subdivision has disapproved or denied the project. Where such disapproval or denial is reversed on appeal, the appeal is final, and the project sponsor provides the Commission with a certified copy of the decision, the Commission shall resume its review of the application. Where, however, an application has been suspended hereunder for a period greater than three years, the Commission may terminate its review. Thereupon, the Commission shall notify the project sponsor of such termination and that the application fee paid by the project sponsor is forfeited. The project sponsor may reactivate the terminated application by reapplying to the Commission, providing evidence of its receipt of all necessary governmental approvals and, at the discretion of the Commission, submitting new or updated information.

(2) The Commission may modify, suspend or revoke a previously granted approval if the project sponsor fails to obtain or maintain the approval of a member jurisdiction or political subdivision thereof having lawful jurisdiction over the project.

[71 FR 78579, Dec. 29, 2006, as amended at 82 FR 29392, June 29, 2017]

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