Any project sponsor whose project is subject to Commission approval under this part proposing to withdraw water either directly or indirectly (through another user) from groundwater or surface water sources, or both, shall comply with the following requirements:

(a) Public water supply. As circumstances warrant, a project sponsor of a public water supply shall:

(1) Reduce distribution system losses to a level not exceeding 20 percent of the gross withdrawal.

(2) Install meters for all users.

(3) Establish a program of water conservation that will:

(i) Require installation of water conservation devices, as applicable, by all classes of users.

(ii) Prepare and distribute literature to customers describing available water conservation techniques.

(iii) Implement a water pricing structure which encourages conservation.

(iv) Encourage water reuse.

(b) Industrial. Project sponsors who use water for industrial purposes shall:

(1) Designate a company representative to manage plant water use.

(2) Install meters or other suitable devices or utilize acceptable flow measuring methods for accurate determination of water use by various parts of the company operation.

(3) Install flow control devices which match the needs of the equipment being used for production.

(4) Evaluate and utilize applicable recirculation and reuse practices.

(c) Irrigation. Project sponsors who use water for irrigation purposes shall utilize irrigation systems properly designed for the sponsor's respective soil characteristics, topography and vegetation.

(d) Effective date. Notwithstanding the effective date for other portions of this part, this section shall apply to all groundwater and surface water withdrawals initiated on or after January 11, 1979.

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