(a) In general. As long as any import relief imposed by the President pursuant to section 203 of the Trade Act remains in effect, the Commission will monitor developments with respect to the domestic industry, including the progress and specific efforts made by workers and firms in the industry to make a positive adjustment to import competition.

(b) Reports. Whenever the initial period of import relief, or any extension thereof, exceeds three (3) years, the Commission will submit a report on the results of such monitoring to the President and the Congress. Such report will be submitted not later than the date which is the mid-point of the initial period of import relief, or any extension thereof. In the course of preparing each such report, the Commission will hold a hearing at which interested persons will be given a reasonable opportunity to be present, to produce evidence, and to be heard.

(c) Limited disclosure of certain confidential business information under administrative protective order. Upon receipt of a timely application filed by an authorized applicant, the Secretary shall make available to an authorized applicant under administrative protective order all confidential business information contained in Commission memoranda and reports and in written submissions filed with the Commission at any time during an investigation under this section with respect to an article that was the subject of an affirmative Commission determination under section 202 of the Trade Act (except privileged information, classified information, and specific information of a type which there is a clear and compelling need to withhold from disclosure). Such disclosure shall be made in the manner provided for and in accordance with the procedures set forth in §206.17. The provisions in paragraphs (d) and (e) of §206.17 relating to Commission responses to a breach of an administrative protective order and breach procedure shall apply with respect to orders issued under this paragraph.

[60 FR 10, Jan. 3, 1995, as amended at 66 FR 32218, June 14, 2001]

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