(a) Institution of investigations. Upon the request of the President, or upon petition on behalf of the industry concerned, the Commission will investigate to determine whether an action taken under section 203 of the Trade Act continues to be necessary to prevent or remedy serious injury and whether there is evidence that the industry is making a positive adjustment to import competition.

(b) Who may file a petition. A petition under this §206.54 may be filed by an entity, including a trade association, firm, certified or recognized union, or group of workers, which is representative of the industry producing the domestic article concerned in the investigation of the Commission which resulted in the imposition by the President of the import relief action.

(c) Time for filing. Any petition filed on behalf of an industry for a determination under this §206.54 must be filed with the Commission not earlier than the date which is 9 months, and not later than the date which is 6 months, before the date any action taken under section 203 of the Trade Act is to terminate.

(d) Contents of petition. A petition under this §206.54 shall include the following information, to the extent that such information is publicly available from governmental or other sources, or best estimates and the basis therefor if such information is not available:

(1) Identification of relief action. An identification of the action under section 203, or portion of such action, for which a determination under this §206.54 is sought;

(2) Representativeness.

(i) The names and addresses of the firms represented in the petition and/or the firms employing or previously employing the workers represented in the petition and the locations of their establishments in which the domestic article is produced;

(ii) The percentage of domestic production of the like or directly competitive domestic article that such represented firms and/or workers account for and the basis for claiming that such firms and/or workers are representative of an industry; and

(iii) The names and locations of all other producers of the domestic article known to the petitioner;

(3) Import data. Import data on the foreign article concerned for each full year since action was taken under section 203 of the Trade Act, starting with the year in which action was taken;

(4) Domestic production data. Data on total U.S. production of the domestic article concerned for each year for which data are provided pursuant to paragraph (d)(3) of this section;

(5) Efforts to adjust. Specific information in support of the claim that action under section 203 of the Trade Act continues to be necessary to prevent or remedy serious injury and that there is evidence that the industry is making a positive adjustment to import competition.

(e) Limited disclosure of certain confidential business information under administrative protective order. Upon receipt of a timely application filed by an authorized applicant, the Secretary shall make available to an authorized applicant under administrative protective order all confidential business information contained in Commission memoranda and reports and in written submissions filed with the Commission at any time during an investigation under this section with respect to an article that was the subject of an affirmative Commission determination under section 202 of the Trade Act (except privileged information, classified information, and specific information of a type which there is a clear and compelling need to withhold from disclosure). Such disclosure shall be made in the manner provided for and in accordance with the procedures set forth in §206.17. The provisions in paragraphs (d) and (e) of §206.17 relating to Commission responses to a breach of an administrative protective order and breach procedure shall apply with respect to orders issued under this paragraph.

(f) Time for reporting. The Commission will make its report to the President at the earliest practical time, but not later than 60 days before the action under section 203 of the Trade Act is to terminate, unless the President specifies a different date.

(g) Public report. Upon making a report to the President of the results of an investigation to which this §206.54 relates, the Commission will make such report public (with the exception of information which the Commission determines to be confidential) and cause a summary thereof to be published in the Federal Register.

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