The petition shall include information in support of the claim that action under section 324 of the Act continues to be necessary to remedy or prevent material harm to the industry, as defined by the Commission in its determination under section 322 of the Act, including information relating to changes since the action was taken with respect to:

(a) The volume and tonnage of merchandise transported by the industry;

(b) Employment, wages, hours of service, and working conditions relating to the industry;

(c) With respect to cargo originating in Mexico, the principal ports of entry along the United States-Mexico border of such shipments, and the principal destinations within the United States for such shipments;

(d) With respect to cargo originating in United States, the principal place(s) where such cargo is loaded, and principal destination(s) in Mexico or inside a border commercial zone as defined in §208.2(b);

(e) The share of the United States market as a whole, or the share of the specific sub-market, held by persons of Mexico; and

(f) Any other relevant information in support of the claim that action continues to be necessary.

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