(a) Nonrelease of information. Except as provided for in §208.22, in the case of an investigation under this part, the Commission will not release information that the Commission considers to be confidential business information within the meaning of §201.6 of this chapter, including such information obtained under section 322(e)(2) of the Act, unless the party submitting the confidential business information had notice, at the time of submission, that such information would be released by the Commission, or such party subsequently consents to the release of the information. When appropriate, the Commission will include confidential business information in reports transmitted to the President, the Trade Representative, and the Secretary of Transportation; such reports will be marked as containing confidential business information, and a nonconfidential version of such report will be made available to the public.

(b) Nonconfidential summaries. Except as the Commission may otherwise provide, a party submitting confidential business information shall also submit to the Commission, at the time that it submits such information, a nonconfidential summary of the information. If a party indicates that the confidential business information cannot be summarized, it shall state in writing the reasons why a summary cannot be provided. If the Commission finds that a request for confidentiality is not warranted, and if the party concerned is either unwilling to make the information public or to authorize its disclosure in generalized or summarized form, the Commission may disregard the submission.

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