(a) Definition
In this section, the term "articulation agreement" means an agreement between or among institutions of higher education that specifies the acceptability of courses in transfer toward meeting specific degree or program requirements.

(b) Program to encourage articulation agreements

(1) Program established
The Secretary shall carry out a program for States, in cooperation with public institutions of higher education, to develop, enhance, and implement comprehensive articulation agreements between or among such institutions in a State, and (to the extent practicable) across State lines, by 2010. Such articulation agreements shall be made widely and publicly available on the websites of States and such institutions. In developing, enhancing, and implementing articulation agreements, States and public institutions of higher education may employ strategies, where applicable, including—

(A) common course numbering;

(B) a general education core curriculum;

(C) management systems regarding course equivalency, transfer of credit, and articulation; and

(D) other strategies identified by the Secretary.

(2) Technical assistance provided
The Secretary shall provide technical assistance to States and public institutions of higher education for the purposes of developing and implementing articulation agreements in accordance with this subsection.

(3) Rule of construction
Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to authorize the Secretary to require particular policies, procedures, or practices by institutions of higher education with respect to articulation agreements.

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