20 USC § 4704
Barry Goldwater scholarship and excellence in education awards
through Pub. L. 116-344, except Pub. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283

(a) Award of scholarships and fellowships

(1) The Foundation may award scholarships and fellowships to eligible persons for study in the fields of science and mathematics. Such scholarships and fellowships shall be awarded to persons as provided in this chapter who meet the minimum criteria established by the Foundation.

(2) Scholarships shall be awarded to outstanding undergraduate students who intend to pursue careers in mathematics and the natural sciences.

(3) Fellowships shall be awarded to outstanding graduate students who intend to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics and the natural sciences.

(4) The Foundation may provide, directly or by contract, for the conduct of nationwide competition for the purpose of selecting recipients of scholarships and fellowships awarded under this chapter.

(b) Barry Goldwater Scholars
Recipients of scholarships and fellowships under this chapter shall be known as "Barry Goldwater Scholars".

(c) Award of honoraria to volunteers

(1) The Foundation may award honoraria to outstanding educators, teachers, and persons who have volunteered to assist in secondary schools who have made significant contributions to improve the quality of instruction in mathematics and sciences in the secondary school. To the extent the Board determines such action practicable, honoraria awarded under this subsection shall be awarded annually to persons described in the preceding sentence as follows:

(A) To two persons selected at large from each State.

(B) To one person selected from each county in each State.

(C) To persons affiliated with secondary schools on military reservations.

(D) To persons affiliated with the dependent overseas school system.

(2) The Board shall establish a schedule of honoraria to be awarded under paragraph (1).

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