20 USC § 5963
Eligible applicants
through Pub. L. 116-344, except Pub. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283

(a) In general
To be eligible to receive a grant under this subchapter, a local educational agency shall demonstrate in the application submitted pursuant to section 5964(a) of this title that such agency—

(1) serves an area in which there is a high rate of—

(A) homicides committed by persons between the ages 5 to 18, inclusive;

(B) referrals of youth to juvenile court;

(C) youth under the supervision of the courts;

(D) expulsions and suspensions of students from school;

(E) referrals of youth, for disciplinary reasons, to alternative schools; or

(F) victimization of youth by violence, crime, or other forms of abuse; and

(2) has serious school crime, violence, and discipline problems, as indicated by other appropriate data.

(b) Priority
In awarding grants under this subchapter, the Secretary shall give priority to a local educational agency that submits an application that assures a strong local commitment to the projects or activities assisted under this subchapter, such as—

(1) the formation of partnerships among the local educational agency, a community-based organization, a nonprofit organization with a demonstrated commitment to or expertise in developing education programs or providing educational services to students or the public, a local law enforcement agency, or any combination thereof; and

(2) a high level of youth participation in such projects or activities.

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