20 USC § 5966
National activities
through Pub. L. 116-344, except Pub. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283

(a) National activities

(1) In general
To carry out the purpose of this subchapter, the Secretary—

(A) is authorized to use funds reserved under section 5962(b)(2) of this title to—

(i) conduct national leadership activities such as research, program development and evaluation, data collection, public awareness activities, training and technical assistance, dissemination (through appropriate research entities assisted by the Department of Education) of information on successful projects, activities, and strategies developed pursuant to this subchapter;

(ii) provide grants to noncommercial telecommunications entities for the production and distribution of national video-based projects that provide young people with models for conflict resolution and responsible decisionmaking; and

(iii) conduct peer review of applications under this subchapter; and

(B) shall develop a written safe schools model so that all schools can develop models that enable all students to participate regardless of any language barrier.

(2) Special rule
The Secretary may carry out the activities described in paragraph (1) directly, through interagency agreements, or through grants, contracts or cooperative agreements.

(b) National model city
The Secretary shall designate the District of Columbia as a national model city and shall provide funds made available pursuant to section 5962(b)(2) of this title in each fiscal year to a local educational agency serving the District of Columbia in an amount sufficient to enable such agency to carry out a comprehensive program to address school and youth violence.

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