20 USC § 5985
through Pub. L. 116-344, except Pub. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283

(a) Application required
Each eligible entity desiring a grant under this subchapter shall submit an application to the Secretary, at such time, in such manner and containing or accompanied by such information as the Secretary may reasonably require.

(b) Contents of application
Each application submitted pursuant to subsection (a) shall—

(1) define the learning objectives and course content of each seminar to be held and describe the manner in which seminar participants shall receive substantive academic instruction in the principles, institutions and processes of American government;

(2) provide assurances that educators successfully participating in each seminar will qualify for either graduate credit or professional development or advancement credit according to the criteria established by a State or local educational agency;

(3) describe the manner in which seminar participants shall receive exposure to a broad array of individuals who are actively involved in the political process, including political party representatives drawn equally from the major political parties, as well as representatives of other organizations involved in the political process;

(4) provide assurances that the seminars will be conducted on a nonpartisan basis;

(5) describe the manner in which the seminars will address the role of minorities or Native Americans in the American political process, including such topics as—

(A) the history and current political state of minorities or Native Americans;

(B) recent research on minority or Native American political socialization patterns and cognitive learning styles; and

(C) studies of political participation patterns of minorities or Native Americans;

(6) describe the pedagogical elements for teachers that will enable teachers to develop effective strategies and lesson plans for teaching minorities or Native American students at the elementary and secondary school levels;

(7) identify the eligible entities which will conduct the seminars for which assistance is sought;

(8) in the case that the eligible entity is an institution of higher education, describe the plans for collaborating with national organizations in American government and civics education;

(9) provide assurances that during the academic year educators participating in the summer seminars will provide inservice training programs based upon what such educators have learned and the curricular materials such educators have developed or acquired for their peers in their school systems with the approval and support of their school administrators; and

(10) describe the activities or services for which assistance is sought, including activities and services such as—

(A) development of seminar curricula;

(B) development and distribution of instructional materials;

(C) scholarships for participating teachers; and

(D) program assessment and evaluation.

(c) Priority
The Secretary, in approving applications for assistance under this subchapter, shall give priority to applications which demonstrate that—

(1) the applicant will serve teachers who teach in schools with a large number or concentration of economically disadvantaged students;

(2) the applicant has demonstrated national experience in conducting or coordinating accredited summer seminars in American government or civics education for elementary and secondary school teachers;

(3) the applicant will coordinate or conduct seminars on a national or multistate basis through a collaboration with an institution of higher education, State higher education agency or a public or private nonprofit organization, with experience in coordinating or conducting teacher training programs in American government and civics education;

(4) the applicant will coordinate or conduct seminars designed for more than one minority student population and for Native Americans; and

(5) the applicant will coordinate or conduct seminars that offer a combination of academic instruction in American government, exposure to the practical workings of the political system, and training in appropriate pedagogical techniques for working with minority and Native American students.

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