(a) Establishment
There is established in the Institute a National Center for Education Research (in this part referred to as the "Research Center").

(b) Mission
The mission of the Research Center is—

(1) to sponsor sustained research that will lead to the accumulation of knowledge and understanding of education, to—

(A) ensure that all children have access to a high-quality education;

(B) improve student academic achievement, including through the use of educational technology;

(C) close the achievement gap between high-performing and low-performing students through the improvement of teaching and learning of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and other academic subjects; and

(D) improve access to, and opportunity for, postsecondary education;

(2) to support the synthesis and, as appropriate, the integration of education research;

(3) to promote quality and integrity through the use of accepted practices of scientific inquiry to obtain knowledge and understanding of the validity of education theories, practices, or conditions; and

(4) to promote scientifically valid research findings that can provide the basis for improving academic instruction and lifelong learning.

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