25 USC § 3204
Central registry
October 30, 2020

(a) Preparation of study
The Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General of the United States, is hereby authorized and directed to prepare a written study on the feasibility of, and need for, the establishment of a Central Register for reports or information on the abuse of children in Indian country.

(b) Content of study
The study conducted pursuant to subsection (a) shall include, but shall not be limited to—

(1) the need for, and purpose of, a Central Register;

(2) the examination of due process implication of the maintenance of such a register;

(3) the extension of access to information contained in the register;

(4) the need and process for expunging information from the register;

(5) the types, and duration of maintenance, of information in the register; and

(6) the classes of persons who should be covered by such register.

(c) Submission to Congress
The Secretary shall complete the study conducted pursuant to this section and shall submit such study, together with recommendations and draft legislation to implement such recommendations, to the Congress within 180 days after November 28, 1990.

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