(a) In general. In a case involving segregated or transferred assets, it is not necessary, for application of section 7507, that the assets shall technically constitute a trust fund. It is sufficient that segregated assets be definitely separated from other assets of the bank and that transferred assets be definitely separated both from other assets of the bank and from other assets held or owned by the trustee or agent to whom assets of the bank have been transferred; that the bank be wholly or partially released from liability for repayment of deposits as such; and that the depositors have claims against the separated assets. Any excess of separated assets over the amount necessary for payment of such depositors will be available for tax collection after full payment of depositors' claims under the agreement against such assets. But see paragraph (a) of §301.7507-9.

(b) Corporate transferees. Where the segregated assets are transferred to a separate corporate trustee or corporate agent, the assets and earnings therefrom are within the protection of the section, until full payment of depositors' claims against such assets and earnings, no matter by whom the stock of such corporation is held, and no matter whether the assets be liquidated or operated or held for benefit of the depositors.

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