(a) The mere allegation of insolvency, or that depositors have claims against segregated or other assets or earnings, will not of itself secure immunity from tax collection. It must be affirmatively established to the satisfaction of the district director that collection of tax will be contrary to section 7507. See also §301.7507-8.

(b) Any claim, by a bank, of immunity under section 7507(b), shall be supported by a statement, under oath or affirmation, which shall show: (1) The total of depositors' claims outstanding, and (2) separately and in detail, the amount of each of the following, and the amount of depositors' claims properly chargeable against each: (i) Segregated or transferred assets; (ii) unsegregated assets; (iii) estimated future average annual earnings and profits; (iv) amount collectible from shareholders; and (v) any other resources available for payment of depositors' claims. The detail shall show the full amount of depositors' claims chargeable against each of the items in subdivisions (i) to (v), inclusive, of this subparagraph even though part or all of the amount chargeable against a particular item is also chargeable against some other item or items. There shall also be filed a copy of any agreement between the bank and its depositors, and any other agreement or document bearing on the claim of immunity. The statement shall show the basis, as “book,” “market,” etc., of valuation of the assets.

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