(a) Definition. A governing body of a tribe, band, pueblo, community, village, or group of native American Indians, or Alaska Natives, qualifies as an Indian tribal government upon determination by the Internal Revenue Service that the governing body exercises governmental functions. Designation of a governing body as an Indian tribal government will be by revenue procedure. If a governing body is not currently designated by the applicable revenue procedure as an Indian tribal government, and such governing body believes that it qualifies for such designation, the governing body may apply for a ruling from Internal Revenue Service. In order to qualify as an Indian tribal government, for purposes of section 7701(a)(40) and this section, such governing body must receive a favorable ruling from the Internal Revenue Service. The request for a ruling shall be made in accordance with all applicable procedural rules set forth in the Statement of Procedural Rules (26 CFR part 601) and any applicable revenue procedures relating to the submission of ruling requests. The request shall be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service, Associate Chief Counsel (Technical), Attention: CC:IND:S, room 6545, 1111 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, D.C. 20224.

(b) Effective date. The provisions of this section are effective after December 31, 1982.

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