(a) Sale of completed vehicle. An automobile truck (as defined by §48.4061(a)-3(a)) for purposes of the tax imposed by section 4061(a) consists of two parts, namely, a body and a chassis. Generally, the tax applies to the sale by the manufacturer of each. Thus, if the purchaser of a tax-paid chassis attaches to it a taxable body manufactured by him and sells the completed vehicle, he is liable for tax based on the sale price of the body only. However, in such a case, the tax attaches to the selling price of the entire vehicle unless adequate records are available to show the portion of the total selling price attributable to the body.

(b) Cross references. For special rules relating to the sale of a chassis or body to a purchaser who will use it in the manufacture or assembly of a nonhighway vehicle, see §48.4061(a)-1(e). With respect to bodies sold to a chassis manufacturer, see also section 4063(b) and the regulations thereunder.

[T.D. 7461, 42 FR 2675, Jan. 13, 1977]

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