27 USC § 124
Direct shipment of wine
October 30, 2020

(a) Conditions for transporting certain wine
During any period in which the Federal Aviation Administration has in effect restrictions on airline passengers to ensure safety, the direct shipment of wine shall be permitted from States where wine is purchased from a winery, to another State or the District of Columbia, if—

(1) the wine was purchased while the purchaser was physically present at the winery;

(2) the purchaser of the wine provided the winery verification of legal age to purchase alcohol;

(3) the shipping container in which the wine is shipped is marked to require an adult's signature upon delivery;

(4) the wine is for personal use only and not for resale; and

(5) the purchaser could have carried the wine lawfully into the State or the District of Columbia to which the wine is shipped.

(b) Violations
If any person fails to meet any of the conditions under subsection (a), the attorney general of any State may bring a civil action under the same terms as those set out in section 122a of this title.

(c) Report
Not later than 2 years after November 2, 2002, and at 2-year intervals thereafter, the Attorney General of the United States, in consultation with the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, shall prepare and submit to the Committee on the Judiciary of the Senate and to the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives a report on the implementation of this section.

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