28 USC § 85
through Pub. L. 116-282, except Pub. L. 116-260

Colorado constitutes one judicial district.

Court shall be held at Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, Grand Junction, Montrose, Pueblo, and Sterling.

Historical and Revision Notes

Based on title 28, U.S.C., 1940 ed., §146 (Mar. 3, 1911, ch. 231, §73, 36 Stat. 1108; June 12, 1916, ch. 143, 39 Stat. 225; May 29, 1924, ch. 209, 43 Stat. 243).

A provision for furnishing rooms and accommodations at Sterling was omitted as obsolete upon advice from the Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts that Federal accommodations are now available.

A provision authorizing adjournment at Denver when there is not business for terms at other places, is incorporated in section 138 of this title.

Provisions as to clerk's and marshal's deputies and maintenance of offices were deleted as covered by sections 541 [see 561], 542 [see 561], and 751 of this title.

Changes in arrangement and phraseology were made.

Editorial Notes


2004—Pub. L. 108–455 and 108–482 amended section identically, inserting "Colorado Springs," after "Boulder,".

1984—Pub. L. 98–620 provided for holding court at Boulder.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries

Effective Date of 1984 Amendment

Pub. L. 98–620, title IV, §411, Nov. 8, 1984, 98 Stat. 3362, provided that:

"(a) The amendments made by this subtitle [subtitle B (§§404–411) of title IV of Pub. L. 98–620, amending this section and sections 90, 93, 112, 124, and 126 of this title and enacting provisions set out as notes under sections 1, 90, 93, and 124 of this title] shall take effect on January 1, 1985.

"(b) The amendments made by this subtitle shall not affect the composition, or preclude the service, of any grand or petit jury summoned, impaneled, or actually serving on the effective date of this subtitle [Jan. 1, 1985]."

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