30 USC § 13
Research laboratory for utilization of anthracite coal; establishment and maintenance
July 22, 2020

The Secretary of the Interior, acting through the United States Bureau of Mines, is authorized and directed to establish, equip, and maintain a research laboratory in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania to conduct researches and investigations on the mining, preparation, and utilization of anthracite coal and to develop new scientific, chemical, and technical uses and new and extended markets and outlets for anthracite coal and its products. Such laboratory shall be planned as a center for information and assistance in matters pertaining to conserving resources for national defense; to the more efficient mining, preparation, and utilization of anthracite coal; and pertaining to safety, health, and sanitation in mining operations and other matters relating to problems of the anthracite industry.

Transfer of Functions

For provisions relating to closure and transfer of functions of the United States Bureau of Mines, see note set out under section 1 of this title.

Authorization of Appropriations

Act Dec. 18, 1942, ch. 764, §5, 56 Stat. 1057, provided that: "In order to carry out the purposes of this Act [sections 13 to 16 of this title] there is authorized to be appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of (a) $450,000 for the erection and equipment of a building or buildings, including plumbing, lighting, heating, general service, and experimental equipment and apparatus, the necessary roads, walks, and ground improvement, and land for the site of the building if no land is donated; and (b) $175,000 annually for the maintenance and operation of the experimental station, including personal services, supplies, equipment, and expenses of travel and subsistence."

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