30 USC § 192c
Rules and regulations governing issuance of certain leases; disposition of receipts
July 22, 2020

The Secretary of the Interior is authorized under general rules and regulations to be prescribed by him to issue leases or permits for the exploration, development, and utilization of the mineral deposits, other than those subject to the provisions of chapter 7 of this title, in those lands added to the Shasta National Forest by the Act of March 19, 1948 (Public Law 449, Eightieth Congress), which were acquired with funds of the United States or lands received in exchange therefor: Provided, That any permit or lease of such deposits in lands administered by the Secretary of Agriculture shall be issued only with his consent and subject to such conditions as he may prescribe to insure the adequate utilization of the lands for the purposes set forth in the Act of March 19, 1948: And provided further, That all receipts derived from leases or permits issued under the authority of sections 192a to 192c of this title shall be paid into the same funds or accounts in the Treasury and shall be distributed in the same manner as prescribed for other receipts from the lands affected by the lease or permit, the intention of this provision being that sections 192a to 192c of this title shall not affect the distribution of receipts pursuant to legislation applicable to such lands.

References in Text

Act of March 19, 1948 (Public Law 449, Eightieth Congress), referred to in text, is act Mar. 19, 1948, ch. 139, 62 Stat. 83. See Shasta National Forest codification note set out under sections 486a to 486w of Title 16, Conservation.


Section was not enacted as part of act Feb. 25, 1920, ch. 85, 41 Stat. 437, known as the Mineral Leasing Act, which comprises this chapter.

Transfer of Functions

Functions of Secretary of the Interior under this section, with respect to use and disposal from lands under jurisdiction of Secretary of Agriculture of those mineral materials which Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to dispose of from other lands under his jurisdiction under sections 601 to 604 and 611 to 615 of this title, see Pub. L. 86–509, June 11, 1960, 74 Stat. 205, set out as a Transfer of Functions from Secretary of the Interior to Secretary of Agriculture note under section 2201 of Title 7, Agriculture.

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