30 USC § 286
Disposition of royalties and rents from potassium leases
July 22, 2020

All money received from royalties and rentals from any lease issued or renewed under the provisions of subchapter VII of chapter 3 of this title, shall be paid into, reserved, and appropriated as follows: 52½ per centum to the Reclamation Fund, 10 per centum to the Treasury of the United States as miscellaneous receipts, and 37½ per centum shall be paid by the Secretary of the Treasury, after the expiration of each fiscal year, to the State within the boundaries of which the leased lands or deposits are or were located, such money to be used by such State or subdivision thereof for the construction and maintenance of public roads or for the support of schools or other public educational institutions, as the legislature of the State may direct.

References in Text

Subchapter VII of chapter 3, referred to in text, was in the original "the Act entitled 'An Act to authorize exploration for and disposition of potassium' approved October 2, 1917", meaning act Oct. 2, 1917, ch. 62, 40 Stat. 297, which was classified to subchapter VII (§141 et seq.) of chapter 3 of this title and which was repealed by act Feb. 7, 1927, ch. 66, §6, 44 Stat. 1058.


Section is composed of the second sentence of section 6 of act Feb. 7, 1927, as added by act June 1, 1948. The first sentence of section 6 repealed former sections 141 to 152 of this title and did not affect pending applications for permits or leases filed prior to Jan. 1, 1926, or valid claims existent on Feb. 7, 1927, and thereafter maintained in compliance with the laws under which initiated, which claims could be perfected under such laws, including discovery.

Section was not enacted as part of act Feb. 25, 1920, ch. 85, 41 Stat. 437, known as the Mineral Leasing Act, which comprises this chapter.

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