(a) This subpart allows conveyance of parcels of 10 acres or less, which will resolve encroachments by persons on National Forest System lands:

(1) To whom no advance notice was given that the improvements encroached or would encroach, and

(2) Who in good faith relied on an erroneous survey, title search, or other land description which did not reveal such encroachment.

(b) This subpart also allows conveyance of parcels of 10 acres or less that are not eligible for conveyance under subsection (a) but are encroached on by a permanent habitable improvement for which there is no evidence that the encroachment was intentional or negligent.

(c) Forest Service officials shall consider the following factors when determining whether to convey lands upon which encroachments exist under subsections (a) and (b):

(1) The location of the property boundaries based on historical location and continued acceptance and maintenance,

(2) Factual evidence of claim of title or color of title,

(3) Notice given to persons encroaching on National Forest System lands,

(4) Degree of development in the encroached upon area, and

(5) Creation of an uneconomic remnant.

(d) This subpart also allows conveyance of parcels that are used as a cemetery (including a parcel of not more than one acre adjacent to the parcel used as a cemetery), a landfill, or a sewage treatment plant under a special use authorization issued or otherwise authorized by a Forest Service official.

[85 FR 60916, Sept. 29, 2020]

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