(a) Special events including, but not limited to, water carnivals, boat regattas, fishing tournaments, music festivals, dramatic presentations or other special recreation programs are prohibited unless written permission has been granted by the District Commander. Where appropriate, District Commanders can provide the state a blanket letter of permission to permit fishing tournaments while coordinating the scheduling and details of tournaments with individual projects. An appropriate fee may be charged under the authority of §327.23.

(b) The public shall not be charged any fee by the sponsor of such event unless the District Commander has approved in writing (and the sponsor has properly posted) the proposed schedule of fees. The District Commander shall have authority to revoke permission, require removal of any equipment, and require restoration of an area to pre-event condition, upon failure of the sponsor to comply with terms and conditions of the permit/permission or the regulations in this part 327.

[65 FR 6902, Feb. 11, 2000]

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