(a) Garbage, trash, rubbish, litter, gray water, or any other waste material or waste liquid generated on the project and incidental to authorized recreational activities shall be either removed from the project or deposited in receptacles provided for that purpose. The improper disposal of such wastes, human and animal waste included, on the project is prohibited.

(b) It is a violation to bring onto a project any household or commercial garbage, trash, rubbish, debris, dead animals or litter of any kind for disposal or dumping without the written permission of the District Commander. For the purposes of this section, the owner of any garbage, trash, rubbish, debris, dead animals or litter of any kind shall be presumed to be responsible for proper disposal. Such presumption will be sufficient to issue a citation for violation.

(c) The spilling, pumping, discharge or disposal of contaminants, pollutants or other wastes, including, but not limited to, human or animal waste, petroleum, industrial and commercial products and by-products, on project lands or into project waters is prohibited.

(d) Campers, picnickers, and all other persons using a water resources development project shall keep their sites free of trash and litter during the period of occupancy and shall remove all personal equipment and clean their sites upon departure.

(e) The discharge or placing of sewage, galley waste, garbage, refuse, or pollutants into the project waters from any vessel or watercraft is prohibited.

[65 FR 6900, Feb. 11, 2000]

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