(a) Scoring. VA will score only complete applications received from eligible entities by the established deadline. Applications will be scored using the following criteria:

(1) Background, organizational history, qualifications, and past performance (maximum 10 points). Applicant documents a relevant history of successfully providing the type of services proposed in the RVCP grant application, particularly in the location it plans to serve and/or to veterans and their families.

(2) Need for pilot project (maximum 10 points). Applicant demonstrates the need for the pilot project among veterans and their families in the proposed project location, and provides evidence of the applicant's understanding of the unique needs of veterans and their families in the location to be served.

(3) Pilot project concept, innovation, and ability to meet VA's objectives (maximum 40 points). Application shows appropriate concept, size, and scope of the project; provides realistic estimates of time, staffing, and material needs to implement the project; and details the project's ability to enhance the overall services provided, while presenting realistic plans to reduce duplication of benefits and services already in place. Application must describe a comprehensive and well-developed plan to meet one or more of the permissible uses set out in §64.6.

(4) Pilot project evaluation and monitoring (maximum 10 points). Self-evaluation and monitoring strategy provided in application is reasonable and expected to meet requirements of §64.10(b)(5).

(5) Organizational finances (maximum 10 points). Applicant provides documentation that it is financially stable, has not defaulted on financial obligations, has adequate financial and operational controls in place to assure the proper use of RVCP grants, and presents a plan for using RVCP grants that is cost effective and efficient.

(6) Pilot project location (maximum 20 points). Applicant documents how the proposed project location meets the definition of rural or underserved communities in this part.

(b) Selection of grantees. All complete applications will be scored using the criteria in paragraph (a) and ranked in order from highest to lowest total score. VA will rank all applications that receive at least the minimum number of points indicated in the NOFA. VA will award one RVCP grant to the highest scoring application. VA will award RVCP grants to each successive application, ranked by total score, provided the applicant has not been awarded an RVCP grant for a higher scoring application and the proposed project is not in the same project location as any previously awarded RVCP grant.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 501, 523 note)

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