38 USC § 2067
National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans
October 21, 2020

(a) In General.—(1) The Secretary shall establish and operate a center to carry out the functions described in subsection (b).

(2) The center established under paragraph (1) shall be known as the "National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans".

(3) To the degree practicable, the Secretary shall operate the center established under paragraph (1) independently of the other programs of the Department that address homelessness among veterans.

(b) Functions.—The functions described in this subsection are as follows:

(1) To carry out and promote research into the causes and contributing factors to veteran homelessness.

(2) To assess the effectiveness of programs of the Department to meet the needs of homeless veterans.

(3) To identify and disseminate best practices with regard to housing stabilization, income support, employment assistance, community partnerships, and such other matters as the Secretary considers appropriate with respect to addressing veteran homelessness.

(4) To integrate evidence-based and best practices, policies, and programs into programs of the Department for homeless veterans and veterans at risk of homelessness and to ensure that the staff of the Department and community partners can implement such practices, policies, and programs.

(5) To serve as a resource center for, and promote and seek to coordinate the exchange of information regarding, all research and training activities carried out by the Department and by other Federal and non-Federal entities with respect to veteran homelessness.

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