38 USC § 317
Center for Minority Veterans
October 21, 2020

(a) There is in the Department a Center for Minority Veterans. There is at the head of the Center a Director.

(b) The Director shall be a career or noncareer appointee in the Senior Executive Service. The Director shall be appointed for a term of six years.

(c) The Director reports directly to the Secretary or the Deputy Secretary concerning the activities of the Center.

(d) The Director shall perform the following functions with respect to veterans who are minorities:

(1) Serve as principal adviser to the Secretary on the adoption and implementation of policies and programs affecting veterans who are minorities.

(2) Make recommendations to the Secretary, the Under Secretary for Health, the Under Secretary for Benefits, and other Department officials for the establishment or improvement of programs in the Department for which veterans who are minorities are eligible.

(3) Promote the use of benefits authorized by this title by veterans who are minorities and the conduct of outreach activities to veterans who are minorities, in conjunction with outreach activities carried out under chapter 77 of this title.

(4) Disseminate information and serve as a resource center for the exchange of information regarding innovative and successful programs which improve the services available to veterans who are minorities.

(5) Conduct and sponsor appropriate social and demographic research on the needs of veterans who are minorities and the extent to which programs authorized under this title meet the needs of those veterans, without regard to any law concerning the collection of information from the public.

(6) Analyze and evaluate complaints made by or on behalf of veterans who are minorities about the adequacy and timeliness of services provided by the Department and advise the appropriate official of the Department of the results of such analysis or evaluation.

(7) Consult with, and provide assistance and information to, officials responsible for administering Federal, State, local, and private programs that assist veterans, to encourage those officials to adopt policies which promote the use of those programs by veterans who are minorities.

(8) Advise the Secretary when laws or policies have the effect of discouraging the use of benefits by veterans who are minorities.

(9) Publicize the results of medical research which are of particular significance to veterans who are minorities.

(10) Advise the Secretary and other appropriate officials on the effectiveness of the Department's efforts to accomplish the goals of section 492B of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 289a–2) with respect to the inclusion of minorities in clinical research and on particular health conditions affecting the health of members of minority groups which should be studied as part of the Department's medical research program and promote cooperation between the Department and other sponsors of medical research of potential benefit to veterans who are minorities.

(11) Provide support and administrative services to the Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans provided for under section 544 of this title.

(12) Perform such other duties consistent with this section as the Secretary shall prescribe.

(e) The Secretary shall ensure that the Director is furnished sufficient resources to enable the Director to carry out the functions of the Center in a timely manner.

(f) The Secretary shall include in documents submitted to Congress by the Secretary in support of the President's budget for each fiscal year—

(1) detailed information on the budget for the Center;

(2) the Secretary's opinion as to whether the resources (including the number of employees) proposed in the budget for that fiscal year are adequate to enable the Center to comply with its statutory and regulatory duties; and

(3) a report on the activities and significant accomplishments of the Center during the preceding fiscal year.

(g) In this section—

(1) The term "veterans who are minorities" means veterans who are minority group members.

(2) The term "minority group member" has the meaning given such term in section 544(d) of this title.

Prior Provisions

Prior section 317, added Pub. L. 102–218, §1(a), Dec. 11, 1991, 105 Stat. 1671; amended Pub. L. 103–446, title XII, §1201(e)(4), Nov. 2, 1994, 108 Stat. 4685, related to Chief Minority Affairs Officer, prior to repeal by Pub. L. 103–446, §509(a).


1996—Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 104–275, §501(a), inserted "career or" before "noncareer".

Subsec. (d)(10) to (12). Pub. L. 104–275, §501(b), added pars. (10) and (11) and redesignated former par. (10) as (12).

Subsec. (g). Pub. L. 104–275, §501(c), added subsec. (g).

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