38 USC § 321
Office of Survivors Assistance
October 21, 2020

(a) Establishment.—The Secretary shall establish in the Department an Office of Survivors Assistance (in this section referred to as the "Office") to serve as a resource regarding all benefits and services furnished by the Department—

(1) to survivors and dependents of deceased veterans; and

(2) to survivors and dependents of deceased members of the Armed Forces.

(b) Advisory Duties.—The Office shall serve as a primary advisor to the Secretary on all matters related to the policies, programs, legislative issues, and other initiatives affecting the survivors and dependents described in subsection (a).

(c) Guidance From Stakeholders.—In establishing the Office, the Secretary shall seek guidance from interested stakeholders.

(d) Resources.—The Secretary shall ensure that appropriate personnel, funding, and other resources are provided to the Office to carry out its responsibilities.

(e) Inclusion of Information on Office in Annual Report on Department Activities.—The Secretary shall include in each annual Performance and Accountability report submitted by the Secretary to Congress a description of the activities of the Office during the fiscal year covered by such report.

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