(a) Payments
Subject to subsection (b), the Secretary shall make payments to each State or affected Indian tribe that has entered into an agreement pursuant to section 10195 of this title. The Secretary shall pay an amount equal to 100 percent of the expenses incurred by such State or Indian tribe in engaging in any monitoring, testing, evaluation, or other consultation and cooperation activity under section 10195 of this title with respect to any site. The amount paid by the Secretary under this paragraph shall not exceed $3,000,000 per year from the date on which the site involved was identified to the date on which the decontamination and decommission of the facility is complete pursuant to section 10197(h) of this title. Any such payment may only be made to a State in which a potential site for a test and evaluation facility has been identified under section 10193 of this title, or to an affected Indian tribe where the potential site has been identified under such section.

(b) Limitation
The Secretary shall make any payment to a State under subsection (a) only if such State agrees to provide, to each unit of general local government within the jurisdictional boundaries of which the potential site or effectively selected site involved is located, at least one-tenth of the payments made by the Secretary to such State under such subsection. A State or affected Indian tribe receiving any payment under subsection (a) shall otherwise have discretion to use such payment for whatever purpose it deems necessary, including the State or tribal activities pursuant to agreements entered into in accordance with section 10195 of this title. Annual payments shall be prorated on a 365-day basis to the specified dates.

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