42 USC § 112
Removal of revenue officers from port during epidemic
July 4, 2020

Whenever, by the prevalence of any contagious or epidemic disease in or near the place by law established as the port of entry for any collection district, it becomes dangerous or inconvenient for the officers of the revenue employed therein to continue the discharge of their respective offices at such port, the Secretary of the Treasury, or, in his absence, the Undersecretary of the Treasury, may direct the removal of the officers of the revenue from such port to any other more convenient place, within, or as near as may be to, such collection district. And at such place such officers may exercise the same powers, and shall be liable to the same duties, according to existing circumstances, as in the port or district established by law. Public notice of any such removal shall be given as soon as may be.


R.S. 4797 derived from act Feb. 23, 1799, ch. 12, §4, 1 Stat. 620.

Acts July 31, 1894, and June 10, 1921, abolished offices of First Comptroller and Comptroller of the Treasury.

"Undersecretary of the Treasury" was substituted in text for "the First Comptroller" on authority of act Feb. 17, 1922.

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